New York, a love story

  I believe in New Yorkers. Whether they've ever questioned the dream in which they live, I wouldn't know, because I won't ever dare ask that questions." -Dylan Thomas I don't know when I first fell in love with New York, but I have loved it for so long and so passionately that it's like … Continue reading New York, a love story

Preparing for Valentine’s Day, the Tinder way

Different year, same situation. Valentine's Day is soon approaching, with less than a week away! My friends who are in a relationship are excited, shopping for a cute outfit to wear and planning out their makeup. They are scurrying to find their boyfriends the right gift and some are even planning on what to say … Continue reading Preparing for Valentine’s Day, the Tinder way

Home Sweet Boone

I have been living in Boone, North Carolina off and on now for over a year, as I attend Appalachian State University. Over the course of the year I have grown to love this little, quiet, and adventurous town. I can't deny that every now and then I get tired of the small town lifestyle … Continue reading Home Sweet Boone

The weight of glory

Almost anything, if not everything, has good and bad. Last night turned from good into bad for me. I spent the evening reading and watching a couple of episodes of Friends, but as I started writing in my journal I began to reflect. Honestly, I got more sad and disappointed the more I wrote and thought about … Continue reading The weight of glory

History to repeat itself

In light of recent events and controversy, here is an article that I wrote for my university's newspaper last spring. Make of it what you want. Although I understand the concerns of both sides, we have to remember that this country is based on immigration and offering asylum to refugees. The English themselves sought asylum in America … Continue reading History to repeat itself

Desire burning within for life to begin

The human species lives in a jungle of buildings and tall towers. We have given up swinging from vine to vine, but travel across roads to new places. There is always something we want, something better. Some people get it quite easily, but for others it is a constant fight to survive, to thrive. Sometimes … Continue reading Desire burning within for life to begin