Desire burning within for life to begin


The human species lives in a jungle of buildings and tall towers. We have given up swinging from vine to vine, but travel across roads to new places. There is always something we want, something better. Some people get it quite easily, but for others it is a constant fight to survive, to thrive.

Sometimes it is sad to see someone have to make a tough decision between buying food or saving it for gas to go to work the next day. It is tough to see someone who wears dirty, torn up clothes while I have an overload in my closet. It’s even harder to watch someone get up day to day to work at a low paying job to pay off their bills or their education.

But sometimes I also want that. I want to struggle for my life.

Without trying to glamorize or romanticize the struggle so many people face to create a better life, I cannot help but find it extremely attractive. There’s something so inspiring about someone who gets up every day with one thing in mind: to persevere.

I do not know their story, but I know they have dreams.”

I watch college students get to work around campus early in the mornings and even on weekends. I see students scratching their heads and rubbing their eyes as they study late into the next morning for an exam. I do not know their story, but I know they have dreams. See, an exam does not define your abilities or your knowledge exactly but it is the desire to succeed that makes it worthwhile.

And it is not just college students, but adults too. Professors spend long hours preparing for a lecture or custodians clean the school deep into the night while their families wait for them to come to bed. I admire those who push through the back pain, the sweat, and the tears.

Some people don’t know what that is like, and in my opinion they are missing out. It is the struggle to make something out of your life that makes all the pain and heartbreak so worth it. It is the fact that you have no one to rely on, but God. There is no back-up plan or savings account to fall back on. You only have this one shot, and every day is a fight to make it work. It is all in the fulfillment of one day looking around and knowing that everything that you have was not handed down, but came from your own two hands and the blessing of God.

It is amazing to hold so much power. Who you want to be, where you want to go, and who you will meet lays within yourself. Only you decide when to keep studying, when to step out of your comfort zone.

And so we go on day to day. The sun rises and sets again. We go on with our lives hoping that each day that goes by is only a step closer to our dreams. That is attractive.

Whoever you are, whatever your story is, whatever you are dealing with, you are appreciated and loved. Thank you for all that you do. Live a life with purpose and initiative. Keep going. Wherever you are, you are doing great. That fire that burns within is going to take you to some great places. Believe in yourself and do no give up. This one is for you.


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