History to repeat itself

In light of recent events and controversy, here is an article that I wrote for my university's newspaper last spring. Make of it what you want. Although I understand the concerns of both sides, we have to remember that this country is based on immigration and offering asylum to refugees. The English themselves sought asylum in America … Continue reading History to repeat itself


Anger, passion, and freedom of speech

If I told you you had the power to make a difference, would you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Radical. Angry. Outspoken. Passionate. Fearless. Pointless. These are just a few words that have been said about me. I can't say that I can take credit for any of them or that I'm proud of most of them. See, I speak … Continue reading Anger, passion, and freedom of speech

It all started with ISIS

It all started with ISIS, but the conversation goes beyond that. The conversation continued with the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. It went to Charlie Hebdoe and the recent shooting at Garissa University in Kenya, but this won't be the end of the conversation. No, the conversation always goes on. I've been doing a lot … Continue reading It all started with ISIS