The weight of glory

Almost anything, if not everything, has good and bad. Last night turned from good into bad for me. I spent the evening reading and watching a couple of episodes of Friends, but as I started writing in my journal I began to reflect. Honestly, I got more sad and disappointed the more I wrote and thought about … Continue reading The weight of glory


The Elvis in the room.

hannah brencher.

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I met a woman just the other day who had a pretty stealthy obsession with Elvis. If I ever claimed to be infatuated with the King in my earlier years then I am sorely mistaken and sorry to have claimed that. I could not even hold a lighter to the massive Elvis candle this woman was burning.

She had tattoos. A car. A jukebox in her basement. She named her child after Elvis. She brought Elvis into numerous conversations during the solid 7 hours that I spent with her filming a video for a brand. If Elvis hadn’t been worked into the conversation yet, she was finding a way.

The only time in the span of the whole day where we didn’t talk about Elvis was when the camera man was interviewing me and he requested that I looked directly at the woman, directly at the producer with the Elvis…

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Metamorphosis and fasting

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the feeling that people look up to me and see me as this perfect person. Only I'm not. I'm a fairly good student, I'm a good listener, I'm reliable, and I am a regular churchgoer. But I've been struggling with a sin for so long. Everyone sins, but you know … Continue reading Metamorphosis and fasting

Bravery through the eyes of children

Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you." -Isaiah 35:3-4 As I recount this story I can't help, but tear up. I can't help … Continue reading Bravery through the eyes of children