Wet nosed friend

Over winter break I nearly lost two of my best friends. One is four years old and the other is turning 10 this February. I wish I could say I lost neither one of them, but I'd be lying. I lost my four-year-old friend, Lobo, one rainy night and one week later my ten-year-old friend, Comino, … Continue reading Wet nosed friend


Desire burning within for life to begin

The human species lives in a jungle of buildings and tall towers. We have given up swinging from vine to vine, but travel across roads to new places. There is always something we want, something better. Some people get it quite easily, but for others it is a constant fight to survive, to thrive. Sometimes … Continue reading Desire burning within for life to begin

A full and content soul

Some mornings are tough. There are days when you don't want to get up and out of bed, and not even the smell of pancakes will convince you otherwise. I get it. But then there are days like today when waking up at 8 a.m. fills you with hope and happiness. This morning I visited the Farmer's … Continue reading A full and content soul

When it started because of you.

A little reminder that we are all humans and we all have a story to tell.

hannah brencher.

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Jenna showed up in May.

May of last year.

She shoved out her hand in front of me and told me she wanted to help me in any way I needed her. I was new to Georgia. My furniture was barely assembled. I was learning in the daily that IKEA is just another same for Satan.

I was settling into a new office space and beginning to ask those questions. You know the kind of questions I’m writing about: What am I doing here? Why did I move? Why does this feel so strange and uncomfortable?

And then there was Jenna. Immediately, she was a light. She was only 19. She was the kind of person who’d stood on the earth for a quick & short time but her spirit was decades old. Her spirit had lived and died and breathed and broken several times before it met me in…

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