In uncertainty, patience is key

The now and the journey are far more important than the where, because it determines who you will be and how you will see or understand things by the time you reach a destination. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Don't rush it.


The Elvis in the room.

hannah brencher.

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I met a woman just the other day who had a pretty stealthy obsession with Elvis. If I ever claimed to be infatuated with the King in my earlier years then I am sorely mistaken and sorry to have claimed that. I could not even hold a lighter to the massive Elvis candle this woman was burning.

She had tattoos. A car. A jukebox in her basement. She named her child after Elvis. She brought Elvis into numerous conversations during the solid 7 hours that I spent with her filming a video for a brand. If Elvis hadn’t been worked into the conversation yet, she was finding a way.

The only time in the span of the whole day where we didn’t talk about Elvis was when the camera man was interviewing me and he requested that I looked directly at the woman, directly at the producer with the Elvis…

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Metamorphosis and fasting

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the feeling that people look up to me and see me as this perfect person. Only I'm not. I'm a fairly good student, I'm a good listener, I'm reliable, and I am a regular churchgoer. But I've been struggling with a sin for so long. Everyone sins, but you know … Continue reading Metamorphosis and fasting

A full and content soul

Some mornings are tough. There are days when you don't want to get up and out of bed, and not even the smell of pancakes will convince you otherwise. I get it. But then there are days like today when waking up at 8 a.m. fills you with hope and happiness. This morning I visited the Farmer's … Continue reading A full and content soul

National Suicide Awareness Week

We all know death is inevitable and I hope we all acknowledge that death is something we are all bound to experience first hand. Although many people are comfortable with thinking and talking about death, others immediately feel uncomfortable at the very mention of the word death. Many of us don't like to consider what … Continue reading National Suicide Awareness Week

A 17-word love story.

Hannah Brencher has a way of putting my thoughts into words I can never fathom to put together myself. This post is truly beautiful, thought provoking, and painful.

hannah brencher.

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“Do you think you would forget her?” I asked him.

We were weaving down the sidewalk beside Ponce De Leon Avenue. Him and I were just two small flecks to the cars whipping by— him in a bright green shirt, me in red flats that always garner compliments from strangers.

“I mean, hypothetically,” I retracted a bit. “If you could, do you think you would forget her?”

We’d spent the hour talking about his love story over boxed sushi lunches and water with lemon. That’s always what I do with a lunch break— find a good love story, in book or human heart form.

He talked about her like she was the only thing that ever existed in his orbit. Like he forgot to ever look around to see if others existed. Like she could easily sweep in and take the sun’s place. I mean, the way he talked about…

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