The weight of glory

Almost anything, if not everything, has good and bad. Last night turned from good into bad for me. I spent the evening reading and watching a couple of episodes of Friends, but as I started writing in my journal I began to reflect. Honestly, I got more sad and disappointed the more I wrote and thought about … Continue reading The weight of glory


Metamorphosis and fasting

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the feeling that people look up to me and see me as this perfect person. Only I'm not. I'm a fairly good student, I'm a good listener, I'm reliable, and I am a regular churchgoer. But I've been struggling with a sin for so long. Everyone sins, but you know … Continue reading Metamorphosis and fasting

Love: Myth or Truth?

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve are only a few weeks away. For many, this is the happiest time of the year. Everyone gathers around to feast unlike any other time of the year. Most of us exchange presents and the lucky few get to kiss their significant other when the clock strikes twelve. I have … Continue reading Love: Myth or Truth?