Home Sweet Boone

I have been living in Boone, North Carolina off and on now for over a year, as I attend Appalachian State University. Over the course of the year I have grown to love this little, quiet, and adventurous town. I can't deny that every now and then I get tired of the small town lifestyle … Continue reading Home Sweet Boone


Out of darkness

A fresh batch of snow is blanketing the mountains that surround my school. I wish I could say I am sipping tea while in my pajamas and fuzzy socks, but that just isn't the truth. The truth is that I had spent the night before sitting on my bed in my tiny dorm room, watching … Continue reading Out of darkness

Running Away

The mountains are now covered with a fresh blanket of snow and everyone is trying to get their hands on a cup of hot cocoa. I remember arriving at Appalachian State University when everything was green and there would always be that chilly gust of wind threatening to bring fall at any moment. Now, nearly … Continue reading Running Away